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ABC Phonics Goes to Korea!

In case you didn't know, Mossylist founder Yoo Lee spent her childhood going to school in Korea, where my kids spend a month each summer. With that in mind, Yoo asked me for a couple of pictures of the classroom setting when we last visited. I was blown away when she artfully recreated a miniature version of the classroom out of the pictures that I handed her.

This summer, even before I left for Korea, I knew that it would be so special to present our ABC Phonics video in the very classroom that was modeled for the video. Teacher Lee at Yangji Elementary School, who was my daughter's teacher for the summer, kindly allowed me to talk about our ABC Phonics video in her first grade classroom.

For the first minute or so, the kids were all so focused. Once the phonics part started, a few kids started singing along and the rest of the students soon followed.

After the song, the class wanted me to replay the video. The teacher asked me if we targeted Korean students in making this video. What a nice compliment!

In case you missed it, here's our video:

Do you want to have a peek at a typical Korean classroom? Here we go:

A miniature version was created by Yoo for our ABC Phonics video. Look at those desks and chairs.

Here I am presenting the video to the class:

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