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Felt Cards For Keepsakes

Updated: May 26, 2018

Finally got around to finishing up the stamp project I have been working on. Between finishing up soon to be released ABC Phonics Song, there isn't enough time during the day... but managed to squeeze in some quality craft time.

The result is one of a kind felt cards using Sun and Moon Stamps. They are so precious it's almost a shame to send them off in the mail but I know the lucky few family and friends who will receive them will be so touched! Perfect for Father's Day coming up, I hope you get inspired to make your own felt cards using our Sun and Moon Stamps!

I cannot thank Mama Elephant enough for not just collaborating with us but inspiring me to take time to craft something. I hadn't done this in decades and I feel like a young kid again!

Cuttest little Sun Went Up Felt Card

Stack of Sun and Moon felt cards ready to be send off!

Night felt cards

Love the textures of these precious cards

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