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Hello from Northern California

Hello there. It's Shinae. I am the Northern California representative of Mossylist!

Taking pictures is a natural thing to me. I was born to a professional wildlife photographer in Korea. Going up to a mountain for a couple of nights of camping while watching my dad taking pictures was my childhood. However, it was only after I had my own kids that I got into photography. You will find me with a huge camera and an equally huge lens (although it is the lens hood, not the lens, that makes it look big to be exact) when I am with kids. Taking pictures of kids is very special to me. I would volunteer to take pictures at any events involving kids. At Mossylist, I am given the task of taking pictures of the kids. How wonderful! (As an aside, I also take care of legal matters here at Mossylist.)

As a family, we are a team - my 7 year old (as of today!) daughter and 10 year old son who are the models, and my husband who carries the tripod, an extra lens or two just in case, water bottles and other gazillion stuff!

Yesterday, we went outside after dinner with a giant balloon used for my daughter's birthday party. The giant balloon filled with air on a windy day was like a cloud floating in the sky that was hard to catch.

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