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ABC Phonics video is HERE!

First, the Sun Went Down and the Moon Came Up, now it’s time to get up and GO with the Mossylist “ABC Phonics Song”!

Most Adorable Classroom Year Book Picture!

This fuzzy class of letters are ready to teach you the sounds of the alphabet with their insanely infectious little ditty. We think it's the best ABC Stop Motion out there #humblebrag. Let’s make learning phonics fun for families from Flushing to Fullerton!

Adorable GO Letters Singing in the Song

Mossylist makes memories for many moms and droves of dads doing the diligent duty of teaching children to cultivate a cute cirriculum of PHONIC SOUNDS! (See what we did there?)

Our stop motion video was created by the Mossylist California Collective of #MadWomen. (You know, the too cool for skool Yoo and Diana) Melodies made at Mossylist Music, NY by our sonorous shredder Sam. Teacher voiced vociferously by Nooria Retzer! Xander appears courtesy of himself. Thanks for pitching in X!

But seriously folks, thanks for all of your support so far and we're so excited to show you this new creation. Share it with your little reading buddies and let's take this thing Ga-Ga-GLOBAL!


Team Mossy

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