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Presenting: The ABC Phonics Song

Updated: May 23, 2018

Hi, it's Sam your friendly music director here, and I am STOKED to announce our upcoming ABC Phonics Song! If you were a fan of our first video this one is going to destroy you with cuteness!

We are still putting the finishing touches on our stop motion animation but you can listen NOW on our Bandcamp page so you can sing it loud and proud once it's ready to watch!

This one features our very own pre-tween queen Nooria as the voice of the teacher. Yes, my daughter Nooria of Daddy Daughter Dropkick fame.

Shout outs to Keith McMillan Instruments for my trusty BopPad. I programmed the drums with this amazing interface and it's the funnest studio toy I've had in years.

I also did some wood blockin' with this awesome piece of percussion my brother got for me in Guatemala. You can hear this on "LOG" and accenting the rhythm throughout the song.

Enjoy a few spins of our "ABC Phonics Song" with your friends and lil ones and we'll be back with our video're going to flip out when you see what Yoo and Diana created!

Does anyone know the name of this instrument? This is not a quiz, we want to know the name!

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