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Thank you Mama Elephant!

I met Angela, the genius behind Mama Elephant as a fellow parent in my daugher's Montessori School back East before we moved to LA. It was an honor that Angela and Kryssi agreed to partner up with us to do our very own Sun and Moon Stamp. We got to chatting about the world of stamping but we had no idea how creative and relaxing this activity can be. Talk about quality fun for all ages. When we first thought of a custom Mossylist stamp, we thought "ok great..a black and white stamp? You could also use it as a temporary tattoo?" We thought that was cool and we even took pictures of it and posted on our website.

The incredibly nice Angela from Mama Elephant sent back a quick text showing us how to take it to the next level. Our first attempt post had made her smile and she kindly sent us a picture of her work plus a video to teach us. I was blown away. I had no idea such thing can be done! And how did we miss out on this growing up?!

Well, she inspired me to go back to the drawing board and make something better. And so I did. I am not done with the project so stay tuned. I hope to create something precious and pass it on to a lucky few shortly.

How fun to have multi-racial versions of our Sky Doll!

So thank you Angela and Kryssi at Mama Elephant for being so generous and agreeing to partner with us to create one these adorable stamps taken from our Sun Went Down, Moon Came Up music video. It means the world to us that we get to collaborate with good creative people like them :)

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