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The Story of "MY TOOTH"

It all started with a conversation I had with Yoo about tooth fairy songs for kids. There weren't any! Well, not exactly, but nothing that really spoke to this bizarre experience that kids go through.

The basic concept of the song came to me in a flash of pop inspiration, followed by a lot of vocal acrobatics. You will hear my lovely wife Erum in the left/right chorus of wiggling teeth, and I utilized some pitch shifting magic to create the voice of the fairy.

Now...on to the video. If you haven't seen it yet watch HERE!

Our initial Tooth Fairy was a mix of Dame Edna and Corpse Bride.

As seen here, our first tooth fairy was quite different from where we landed. Yoo initially heard the voice of the fairy as a nod to drag sensation Dame Edna. This fairy had an amazing gown as well, but somehow it just didn't get us wiggling on the right foot.

(plus it was HEAVY, and she'll need to fly!)

Our Claytoon baby tooth sure was cute though, so that got us thinking...

Voila! Our Claytoon tooth family arrives! The attire was way scaled down from the initial concept, but once we saw the whole crew together we knew we were on to something.

Creating the set required some creative thinking as we needed a dance performance stage as well as an intimate bed room atmosphere. Here we are figuring out the proper technique to create fairy/child interactions.

And here's our beloved dollar bill! We felt we had to give a nod to the tooth-for-cash exchange involved with the Tooth Fairy, while underplaying its importance in the whole tooth losing experience. In my early demo of the song I had an almost nu metal Korn style outro which repeated "Not I've gotta DOLLAR BILL!" over and over. This idea was wisely scrapped.

Sky and Fairy are all lit up and ready to go.

It's show time! Syncing the characters to the music was a challenge, but wiggling soon commenced.

Hugs all around for a job well done.

She took my tooth...but now I've got a dollar bill!

Our vision for "My Tooth" was to take what can be a stressful rite of passage for kids and inject it with some silliness and offbeat charm...and to create a dance floor banger, of course. Sky is starting to grow up and we can't wait to see where she goes next! Thanks to all for your support with Mossylist through our first year. More magic to come!

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